What is a refraction?
The refraction test is an eye exam that measures a person's prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses.
Why do I have to fill out registration paper work yearly?
Patients need to fill out new registration information to update their address, phone number, contact information, primary care physician and insurance information.
Do I really need a driver for this appointment? Will I be dilated?
A driver is recommended if you are going to be dilated, as your vision may be blurred from dilation. If you haven't had a problem before, you may use your judgment. You should be prepared for dilation at each visit, even if you were dilated at a previous visit.
About how long will the appointment take?
You should expect to be at your appointment for 1-2+ hours depending on the type of exam and planned testing. Some appointments may take less time but we want you to be prepared.
Do I need to see an optometrist or an ophthalmologist for a general eye exam?
An Optometrist does standard vision screenings for glasses and contact lenses, which can include Diabetic eye exams, but may send you to a specialist MD for medical problems.
Why do I suddenly need glasses to read?
In most people, our ability to focus up close decreases as we age into our forties and beyond. This can be corrected with prescription or non-prescription reading glasses or bifocals.
Why do you have to check my vision today? You just checked it last week!
Vision can change for many reasons, such as medical conditions, just as pulse rate and blood pressure can change.
Why do I have to have another Visual Field test when I had one last year?
Visual field tests are usually done yearly, sometimes every 6 months. This test is done to check for peripheral visual loss.
What is an Eye Examination?
An Eye Examination is a series of tests carried out by an ophthalmologist or optometrist. These tests asses the vision of the eye and the ability to focus on certain objects.
What does Eyesight and Surgery Associates Eye Exams include?
At Eyesight and Surgery Associates are Eye Exams include Refraction, Visual Acuity, Pupil Function, Keratometry, Eye Movement, Retinal Examination, Eye Muscle, Color Vision, and Visual Field Examination testing.
What is an ophthalmologist?
An ophthalmologist is a specialist in eye and vision care. They diagnoses and treat all eye diseases and perform surgeries. Dr. Jusko and Dr. Litscher the ophthalmologists at Eyesight And Surgery perform laser incision for glaucoma, cataract, and eyelid surgery.
What does an optometrist do?
Eye Sight and Surgery’s Optometrists, Dr. William Derr and Dr. Christopher Symolon are experts at fitting the most advanced technology in contact lenses. We offer fitting exams and can order your contact lens supplies for you.
Why does my eye lid twitch?
The twitching of the eye lid is completely harmless. The cause of a twitching eye usually has to do with a lack of sleep, too much caffeine, and a high level of stress.
Why do my eyes water?
Watery eyes are often a sign of dryness. Your eyes depend on tears for lubrication to keep your eyes clean of any debris.
If you are color blind do you only see black and white?
Being completely color blind is extremely rare. Most patients that are diagnosed as color blind are able to see colors other than black and white, and they confuse one color with another.
What causes pinkeye?
The proper term for pinkeye is Conjunctivitis. Pinkeye is caused by bacteria and viruses and can spread easily from person to person.
What is visual impairment?
Visual impairment is when neither of your eyes can see better then 20/60 without glasses and contact lenses. It is caused by either an injury to the eye, inherited conditions, infections, cancer, glaucoma, cataract, amblyopia, and diabetic retinopathy
What is the cornea of the eye? Can it be transplanted?
The cornea is the outermost layer of the eye. The whole eye cannot be transplanted but the cornea can be when it is diseased or scarred.
What is Corneal Abrasion?
A Corneal Abrasion is a minor scratch to the corneal. Any contact to the eye such as an animal claw, a fingernail, dust, and specs of metal and sand can cause a scratch to the corneal. You can prevent corneal abrasion by wearing protective eye wear while mowing the grass, playing sports or working with tools. After an examination of the corneal abrasion our doctors at Eyesight And Surgery will decide if you need a antibiotic to treat the infection or prescription drops to relieve the pain.